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Friday, December 04, 2015

Corrupt Court Indicts Itself With Foul Decision: Can't Beat Him, Fire Him

In what one experienced court observer described as "extraordinary," Wisconsin's highest court, with a clear majority substantially funded by the special interest groups named as defendants in the case, fired the special prosecutor charged with leading the John Doe investigation into Scott Walker's illegal coordination operation.

The lead prosecutor, Francis Schmitz, was primarily there to ask the Court on Wednesday to restart the investigation on grounds he had additional evidence that Walker and his allies had violated campaign finance laws. Instead, the emboldened majority, desperate and crooked with $10 million in campaign money from the defendants and refusing recusal, kneecapped the prosecutor in an obvious effort to payback their donors. One reason they claimed, was that he did not present evidence of express advocacy coordination early enough in the proceedings.

Of course, firing the lead prosecutor this late in the game effectively blocks his ability to proceed in the case and prevents state resources from appealing the case with the US Supreme court.

The prosecutor later issued an eye opening indictment:

"My career in the military and as a federal prosecutor fighting violent criminals and terrorists did not fully prepare me for the tactics employed by these special interest groups," Schmitz said in a statement.

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