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Friday, October 23, 2015

John Deere Growth Means Fewer Jobs In State And $2M WEDC State Tax Credit

WEDC Excerpt:
“This expansion is yet another excellent example of the successes that WEDC has seen at the local level in their partnerships with private businesses,” said Senator Fitzgerald.

In the above quote, Fitzgerald was raving about how Scott Walker's flagship agency, the WEDC, rewarded John Deere's growth and popularity of their Gator utility vehicles with $2M in state tax credits for a net twenty fewer incomes. Just peachy.

WEDC Excerpt:
The expansion is projected to create 80 new full-time jobs in 2016 in order to meet the company’s assembly and shipping needs. John Deere currently employs more than 1,100 people at its Horicon location.

Speaking at a groundbreaking ceremony for the $42.9 million project, Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch announced $2 million in tax credits provided by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to assist with the company’s investment.

But according to this story from the Janesville Gazette, John Deere will be eliminating about 100 jobs and vacate its Beloit Ave. Janesville warehouse when they move those operations to the new tax incentivized expanded facility in Horicon.

As far as the old John Deere facility in Janesville goes, the soon-to-be-vacated building will come in handy for the next group of welfare recipients to hold hostage as they look to leverage local tax treasuries for a "free market" advantage and begin the whole money laundering "incentive" cycle all over again.

In fact, Janesville's director of economic development already has that ball rolling.

JG Excerpt:
He said the city is offering assistance to the owners to find renters for the Beloit Avenue facility.

And that's a "Bingo!" folks.

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BR said...

$2M for -20 jobs.

And the press dutifully passed along that giant sh*tburger of "80 new jobs" like it good news.

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