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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Janesville Council Must Let The Voice Of The People Be Heard

At Monday's Janeville council meeting, a handful of area residents spoke up passionately in favor of placing the Move To Amend Citizens United question on the 2016 Spring Ballot.

On Placing Move To Amend On The Ballot
"Whether you are for this or against this, I care not - it matters not. All that matters in things of this much importance; it is a requirement that the people's voice be heard. All that we ask is this is placed on the ballot and allow for the voice of the people of Janesville to be heard."
- Rick B******, Oct. 26, 2015

Not too long ago, Janesville's city council turned its back on the people when the council, under advice from the city attorney, unanimously blocked a petition question supported by 3,500 signatures from being placed on a ballot for consideration. For me and many others, it was never about the question, or opposing or supporting a particular issue.

It was about letting the people be heard.

Just like Bill McCoy's petitions on the city's fire station and project spending, the question before the Janesville council during Monday's meeting is not about the pros and cons of the issue, party politics or whether the council agrees. Yes, Citizen's United is the subject of the referendum question this time, but it's about allowing the people to be heard on an important issue. If council members have strong feelings for or against Move to Amend Citizens United, they could vote their voice on the ballot just like everyone else.

I highly recommend readers play the short speech below from the council meeting given by the gentleman from Beloit. It's a good one for the archives. Watch it:


RNR - Janesville's City Council Likes Things Just The Way They Are

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