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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Scott Walker Defends Welfare For The Wealthy: Taxpayer "Investment" Ensures More Money To The State

"If you can't get rich dealing with politicians, there's something wrong with you" -- Donald Trump

The Koch brothers puppet parade being held this weekend in Southern California opened up first with a story about Charles Koch lecturing their billionaire-class mob about the importance of ending "corporate cronyism" - even if those policies help their businesses.

AP The Big Story Excerpt:
Koch, who along with brother David has long pressed for a federal government that collects fewer taxes and issues fewer regulation, said cutting back special treatment for business is the first step to ending a "two-tiered society" and encouraging "principled entrepreneurship."

"Where I believe we need to start in reforming welfare is eliminating welfare for the wealthy," Koch said.

Later in the day, Gov. Scott Walker was asked about his support and action to give $250 million in taxpayer money to the wealthy owners of the Milwaukee Bucks to build a new basketball arena.

Washington Times Excerpt:
Unfazed, Mr. Walker, in an open-collared button-down shirt and slacks, explained that the money each basketball game brings to the state in revenue from that arena makes the taxpayer investment tiny by comparison and a move any smart businessman running a state would make.

Something tells me, providing they are even remotely sincere to their opening statements, that the last thing the small government "conservative" Koch brothers wanted to hear from their star puppet for president was him telling them that a taxpayers investment in welfare for the wealthy now will ensure a windfall of revenue for government later. I could be wrong, if they're phonies.

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Anonymous said...

If D. Hendricks wasn't on corporate welfare how could she afford the 5 million she gave scotties pac? Things are hard out on the streets of Afton don't you know.

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