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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Did Van Susteren Rake Scott Walker Over the Coals with Protesters/ISIS Cheapshot?

On her show last night, Greta Van Susteren slammed President Obama for saying the hardliners in Iran chanting "death to America" and opposing the nuclear deal have a common cause with the Republican caucus. She called Obama's statement a disgraceful cheapshot and not presidential.

Fair enough, but Van Susteren is a Wisconsinite with a microphone at Fox Cable News. Did she make headlines dragging Gov. Scott Walker over the coals for his low blow when he claimed taking on Wisconsinites protesting in Madison against his agenda prepared him for taking on the beheaders in ISIS?

None that I recall. This Facebook posting is about as strong as she gets in defense of the American people ...just don't cheapshot Republicans. Right, Greta?

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