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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Janesville LaborFest And Parade Canceled

Organizers of Janesville's LaborFest abruptly announced that due to unforeseen circumstances, all of the events scheduled for this year's festival are canceled, including the popular and well-attended holiday parade.

LaborFest Excerpt:
It is with great regret that Labor∙Fest must announce the cancellation of the 2015 Labor∙Fest events: the festival held on the property of UAW Local 95, scheduled for September 6th, 2015 and the Labor∙Fest Labor Day Parade, held in downtown Janesville, scheduled September 7th, 2015.

Seven years after General Motors pulled out of Janesville, this announcement comes as little surprise particularly more so with the added weight of a heavy-handed redstate government doing everything in its power to crush organized labor.

And right on cue, the folks in Janesville with union derangement syndrome offer their explanation at the Gazette.

Comment posted at the Janesville Gazette:
When I was younger I thought it really was about Labor. But it was pretty evident as I got older it was all about the UAW and unions. Now that GM is gone and UAW has dried up around here it's fitting that it fades to the past like GM and the GM mentality.

Fades? Shouldn't Labor Day be stronger than ever without unions? So, now is your chance, bro'hammer. Show us that Labor Day is about individuality, labor pride and workers and not about unions. Don't be shy. The parade route is all yours.

Comment posted at the Janesville Gazette:
We quit going a few years ago, when the union protesters ruined the event for a lot of people. They seem to think the event belongs only to them. Crowds got smaller each year, and it has turned into a "union only" event, where the republicans participating got shouted down and have signs stuck in their face. It should be no wonder that the children of these protestors, have no ideal what respect is.

Comment posted at the Janesville Gazette:
Obviously by your comments, you've in the past enjoyed, or at least observed, the parade. Instead of shaming (------- favorite word) the organizers, participants, or the event itself, step up and organize a replacement that displays the ideals you so proudly espouse in the work of all Americans at all levels. Seize the moment. It's your time to shine....


So where are the local elites from the Rock County 5.0, Forward Janesville and the Beloit Chamber? Aren't they supposed to show workers how Labor Day is celebrated without unions or organization? After all, it was their race-to-the-bottom legislation and donations to Republicans that turned Wisconsin into a sell-out red state fomenting further attacks on labor with right-to-work and Act 10.

Plus, we shouldn't need a wealthy sponsor or two to fund a simple weekend celebration either since area wage earners now have millions in excess dollars to throw around saved from no longer paying dues.

If the local right-wing redistributionists that brought us all of this prosperity, love and glory really believe themselves, they shouldn't think I'm being snarky here. Just put up and show everyone how Labor Day belongs to all workers and that unions, government or wealthy donors aren't needed for a simple labor festival. One at a time now. Don't trip over yourselves.

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Democurmudgeon said...

Really important post, thanks!

More anti-union and anti-free speech right wing whiners complaining about parade attendees calling out Republican hypocrites marching for labor. They see nothing wrong with that. Frightening comments.

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