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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Explosive New Video! Walker Leads Mob To Attack Protester At Iowa Rally

Watch the attack in the video below on a person (checkered shirt) in the front row holding a sign beginning at the 20 sec. and continuing until the end.

Any candidate for public office would have verbally stopped the escalation by saying something like, "whoa, whoa there. I know the enthusiasm among supporters for my election campaign is high, but that's not how we as good citizens engage fellow Americans we might disagree with."

Any decent candidate would.

Watch the confrontation from a different angle below as Walker himself, just a mere few feet away, points out the man being groped by attackers ...and does nothing.

The second video however, also offers some credibility to the gossip that this event was staged by the Walker camp. You'll notice a man with an orange cap trying desperately to prevent (unplanned?) disruption in what could be seen as an effort to isolate the protester one-on-one with Walker for theater that in the end, shows a rejected and defeated opponent.

But staged or not, the fact that Walker pointed out the man, fueled the aggression, failed to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation and then coldly watched it for his political advantage is absolutely shameful.

Hat Tip to the Democurmudgeon's While Iowa Protester was Attacked, Walker Bragged he wasn't Intimidated!!!

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