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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Government Needs More Money So Scott Walker Can Cut Taxes

“I’ve cut taxes by $2 billion, and I want to have more money to cut taxes,” Walker said.

In this article, Gov. Walker said giving $250M in public financing to a private-for-profit entity is NOT corporate welfare, implies he knows nothing about the Bucks owners although a stakeholder in the team, Jon Hammes, donated $150K to his super PAC and is now the current co-chair of his presidential fund-raising committee ...but Walker does know one of the Bucks owners is a major bundler of contributions for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and that acknowledgment he claims, nullifies any notion that politics or contributions played a role in his decision on the Bucks arena deal. WHEW!

Stop laughing. This is not Fox Cable News or the Onion.

The article is so good, I highly recommend that you read it for yourself and archive it, but don't blame me if your head starts to spin.

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