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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Did Scott Walker Finally Admit Wisconsin Is Gerrymandered?

Currently, the Wisconsin State Senate is comprised of 19 republicans and 14 democrats. The State Assembly is 63 republicans and 36 democrats. The seven member State Supreme Court leans 4 to 3 conservative. Scott Walker is republican and the state's attorney general, Brad Schimel is also a republican. Five republicans and three democrats comprise the state's eight member delegation in the House of Representatives. The state's two seats in the U.S. Senate however are split.

Yet, Scott Walker calls Wisconsin a blue state.


ippons said...

52.8 % voted for Obama, Walker's correct Wisconsin is a blue state. Gerrymandered of course. I live in a bedroom comunity just out of Green Bay, and my state representative was from there. Now after the gerrymandering, my rep is Tom Tiffany from someplace way up north.

Anonymous said...

Today's self-hating tea party misfits have one thing right. They know Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, Sensenbrenner and a solid majority of republicans in Wisconsin's legislature are crypto-liberals, pseudo-paleocons and fascists united in corporate cronyism.

It's hard not to think that democratic voters put Walker and Ryan in office, .but they did. Ryan and Walker in particular know how to convince voters to vote against their own interests. It's not that they are brilliant or engaging. They just know how to play on vulnerabilities.

Politics 101.

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