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Friday, April 24, 2015

Parallel In Tactics Seen To Defeat Recall And The John Doe Investigation

Here's an interesting perspective from Truth-Out/Buzzflash about the Koch brothers recent admission to donors that they think Scott Walker could be their candidate. But this segment in the article caught my eye ...

“During the 2012 recall elections, David Koch’s Americans for Prosperity spent $10 million supporting Walker, which included at least 70 paid staffers flown into Wisconsin, plus bus tours, rallies, town hall meetings, phone banks, and canvassers, not to mention the months of TV ads.”

As if that spending wasn’t enough, Fischer reported that “A mysterious group called ‘Coalition for American Values’ poured $400,000 into a barrage of last-minute ads that made a unique appeal: instead of promoting Governor Scott Walker or attacking his opponent, the ads attacked the premise of the recall itself.”

To the surprise of many, Walker prevailed. “CMD discovered that all of Coalition for American Values' known contributions came [from] the Koch-tied Freedom Partners.”

I immediately thought those are the exact same tactics they are using to defeat the second John Doe investigation.

Those alleged to have committed wrong-doing are not debating the allegations or trying to prove their innocence. Instead of promoting evidence contrary to the prosecution's case file, they are attacking the premise of the entire John Doe process and smearing those who carried out due process of the law. That appears to be their final defense against the allegations.

On the other hand, there are some smart respected legal experts that have poured over the evidence made available to the public and believe Scott Walker and his dark money donor base broke state laws as they are currently written.

But just like in the final days of the Recall election, those in question are making the same "unique" appeal to win sympathy by convincing those remaining, for the Recall it was voters, for the John Doe it's public opinion and the state supreme court, to disregard the record and the nuts and bolts of the allegations. That, it's the process that is wrong and they are merely innocent victims of a flawed system abused by partisan operators. The same accusations they made of process and opponents during the recall.

Am I reading too much into this and does it matter? Well, it's the same players involved defending the same prize and they were convincing enough using those tactics to win the last time.

Sorry to say, but with justice out of way in today's politics, that is all that counts.

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