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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nincompoop Ron Johnson Dedicated To Destroy Obamacare, Now Leads Bill To Extend It

This comes from a guy who for the past five years wasted one of Wisconsin's congressional senate seats hellbent on destroying Obamacare,
now wants to extend it past the 2016 elections ...ahem, to protect Americans from its damaging effects. For freedom. For the moochers.

I couldn't make this stuff up no matter how hard I tried.

TPM Excerpt:
WASHINGTON — The Senate's top five Republican leaders have cosponsored legislation to extend until 2017 the Obamacare insurance subsidies that may be struck down by the Supreme Court this summer.

The legislation, offered by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI), one of the most politically vulnerable Senate incumbents in 2016, would maintain the federal tax credits at stake in King v. Burwell through the end of August 2017.

Washington Post - Tea Party Senator accidentally reveals absurdity of GOP stance on Obamacare. [ ... ] The Johnson plan would keep subsidies going — for everybody across the country who would be adversely impacted by a Court ruling — until September of 2017.

Sen. Ron Johnson's Web Page - Johnson Introduces Bill to Protect Americans from Further Damaging Effects of Obamacare: Preserving Freedom and Choice in Health Care

THE IRONY: By extending Obamacare, Johnson IS preserving freedom and choice in health care.

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