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Monday, December 01, 2014

Conservative Newspaper Wants "Progressive" Community For Its Own Backyard

One month after endorsing Scott Walker and Paul Ryan for re-election, the Janesville Gazette posted a second editorial slamming local opposition to funding a poorly planned downtown revitalization scheme and an unaccountable boost in taxes to supposedly pay for street repair.

Ahhh, yes. This is where the cost of rubber stamping asphalt-lined sprawl into farm fields for decades far exceeds the expanded tax base return needed to maintain it. But to the perps, its about a "progressive" community making the tough choices now. They're telling residents to step it up and pay, pay, pay.

The Gazette, strange as it may seem, insist that in order to increase the local quality-of-life to attract young professionals, residents will have to accept higher taxpayer obligations.

JG Excerpt: (Nov.15, 2014)
As our population ages, communities must stay progressive and offer amenities that attract the young professionals that companies need to prosper.

At first I thought, what's this "progressive" thing they mention? Is it "progressive" in the context of supporting something that develops gradually or in stages OR are they advocating for a political concept based on forward evolving liberal ideas?

JG Excerpt: (Nov. 30, 2014)
Our city, however, should stay progressive if it hopes to retain and attract young professionals. Yes, the council must make tough decisions, but “City of Parks” upgrades are quality-of-life improvements that many residents—particularly those who go to the polls—favor. [ ... ] In the meantime, the council should consider raising the wheel tax by whatever it takes to get the city on the path to paying for its street repairs as the needs arise.

Supported by "those who go to the polls." It's political.

Well, that settles the context. The Conservative Gazette believes the majority that go to polls in Janesville are the kind of folks that support upgrades to public works and accept the responsibility to pay the bill. That's the "progressive" they mean. The caveat is ...if they can afford it of course. These "progressive" folks (not a majority, but a significant number) in Janesville are the same folks asshat Glenn Beck called a cancer during a conversation with Rep. Paul Ryan. Ryan agreed, even using his hometown as an example of cancerous progressivism. Ryan of course is the same Paul Ryan the Janesville Gazette repeatedly endorses for Congress.

But for some reason, the WMC-linked conservative Janesville Gazette does NOT want the taxed-enough-already Scott Walker or Paul Ryan crowd screaming limited-government-taxation-brown-bag slogans of "don't spend more than you have" leading the way when it comes to their own backyard. They want progressives to lead the way. That's weird.

In fact, the Gazette calls on the local city council to be courageous, and "make the tough decisions" to raise taxes, for get this ...a ...better ...quality of life! To not raise local tax obligations could lead to an "economic death spiral." Their words. It would all be so believable from the Gazette and from Forward Janesville, if only they had made the tough decision to oppose the regressive Scott Walkers and Paul Ryans. Tough decisions they now require from others.

So my question is: Why don't they want the "conservatism" they so consistently endorse, to lead the way in their own community? What's the problem?


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Democurmudgeon said...

An amazing mixed message that has it both ways, when they want something. They are the higher order, and what they want, they get, even if that means breaking their pledge. Still, to propose tax increases while supporting this ruthless tax cut makes your head hurt.

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