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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ohio Gov. John Kasich Schools Walker On History

For starters, I am not a fan of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, but I have to say after watching this video he sounds like a tough smart problem solver with realistic expectations.

In the video below, Kasich gives Gov. Scott Walker a history lesson about the time republicans in the 1990's shut down the government. Kasich concludes that if the republican majority remained unwilling to sit down at the table with Clinton, nothing would have been fixed, nothing would have been done. Making an indirect slap at Scott Walker and his "divide and conquer" politics, Kasich says, "good people need to be committed to solving problems."

But I'd like to see John Kasich debate on a stage facing a higher level of competition other than the low-grade red state partisan hackery of a Scott Walker or the Republicans Governors Association.

Watch it:


Democurmudgeon - Scott Walker's phony "Clinton worked with Republicans" story not going away...ever

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