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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Code Name For Scott Walker's Political Campaign Fit For a Prince

According to emails found in the latest document dump from Scott Walker's first criminal scandal ... Excerpt:
Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County staff had a code name for his gubernatorial campaign with which they secretly coordinated strategy and messaging nearly every day: “the dark side.”

The winking reference appears several times in emails that are among some 227,000 pages of records released Tuesday by Milwaukee County.

Scott Walker and his county staff knew they were engaging in illegal activity with his campaign and made repeated efforts to conceal that activity from prying eyes.
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Assuming for a moment that Walker's executive mismanagement and failed reforms are forgivable karmic anomalies, why anyone would vote for him based on his obvious lack of personal honesty and transparency alone is way beyond me. That has to be one of Wisconsin's grand puzzles.

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Darth Walker, dark lord of the snit.

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