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Monday, December 29, 2014

2014 Best Hits Rock Netroots Blog Posts

Putting together the most popular blog posts list for 2014 reminded me of 2012 when I had to juggle some of the stories due to the heavy national audience visiting the blog after Paul Ryan was picked to be Mitt Romney's running mate for the White House.

This year, blog posts about Scott Walker's failed budget reforms and political shenanigans repeatedly captured a larger statewide audience to skew the rankings away from area stories that had attracted unusually strong local reader interest, but few from outside the local sphere. So, to achieve some fairness and variety, I included the top non-Walker related blog posts in the list below and mixed them in ranked by their popularity.


#10 Just In Case You're New To Janesville

#9 If Doing Nothing Wrong, Why Does Gov. Walker Need a Second Separate Phone?

#8 Half Of Waste/Recycling Tipping Fees Go To The WEDC

#7 At The Crossroads, Paul Ryan's Hometown Facing a Death Spiral. But Where's Ryan?

#6 Newspaper Misinforms On Referendum While Telling Readers To Get Informed

#5 Wisconsin Rural/City Roads Are Crumbling For The I39/90 Expansion

#4 Collectivism To The Rescue Of Yet Another Janesville Business

#3 Janesville City Council Ignores Resident's Petitions

#2 Exposing Walker's Election Year Tax Cut For The Political Stunt That It Is

Although the number one read blog post is from the first month of 2014, it is still very relevant today and a clear reminder that Scott Walker, almost one year ago, foretold of big changes on the way in states with republican governors after this year's November election. Read It:

#1 Gov. Scott Walker Signals New Bombing Operation After November Election

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