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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Oligarchs Win! Oligarchs Win! Oligarchs Win!

This is a new paradigm, at least for me. I was taught to play by the rules, move ahead without trampling others, stay truthful and that clean government for the people is good government. I'll never stray from those core beliefs, but Scott Walker's victory may change my blogging style in how I play the "game." You can't argue with success I suppose.

Oligarchs won.
Workers lost.
Divide and Conquer won.
Unite and Prosper lost.
Cheating won.
Fairplay lost.
Corruption won.
Honesty lost.
Negativity won.
Being Positive lost.
Lies won.
Truth lost.
Law breaking won.
Playing by the rules lost.
Extremism won.
Compromise lost.
Ignorance won.
Education lost.
Central government won.
Local control lost.
The Confederacy won.
Union lost.
Profits won.
People lost.
Backwards won.
Forward lost.
Smears won.
Issues lost.
Secrecy won.
Transparency lost.
Inequality won.
Women lost.
Low Wages won.
Living Wages lost.
Hate won.
Love lost.

Scott Walker won.
Mary Burke lost.


Anonymous said...

Well said. They're in power again, so now let's go make them accountable. Over and over, until a few more percent of Wisconsin voters either actually cast ballots or change their minds and vote differently.

Anonymous said...

And you delete comments from any opposition. Typical liberal.

Lou Kaye said...

If you have nothing informative to share except low grade insults, your comment will be deleted. Sorry. Thanks for visiting!

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