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Monday, November 03, 2014

Community Quotes #4

On the GOP Attorney General candidate:
✦ There is only one important thing you need to know about Brad Schimel, the GOP candidate for State Attorney General. He believes a public office holder working for the benefit of a person who has contributed to their political campaign is "the essence of representative government." No joke.

On Recent John Doe Docs release:
✦ The latest dump of emails and documents from Scott Walker's first John Doe scandal comes as no surprise. If you've been paying attention, the courts were releasing documents every month or two all year long, with people across the state asking Walker to step up and answer questions about his executive role in those illegal office activities. He has refused. Now his flacks try to spin it as a failed "October Surprise" by his opponents. No surprise. It just happens to be October. Walker needs to come clean. The sooner the better.

On the Janesville Gazette:
✦ Has anyone else noticed the Janesville Gazette endorsed more than the usual token one or two local democrats? Their subscription accounts must have taken a severe nosedive over the past several years. They're only doing what's best for their business. Don't be fooled.

✦ Entrenched career politicians are considered "statesman" by the Gazette. Most Americans see their acquired power as a threat to representative democracy and clean government. Not the Gazette. They see them as a conduit for their statist right-wing establishment agenda.

✦ The Gazette has always endorsed a democrat or two in local races. For years, democratic candidates and their supporters considered it a kiss of death. Over the last couple election cycles however, a few democrats they have chosen were GOP walk-ons or chamber of commerce tools. Always watch their picks for president, governor or the 1st CD (covering Janesville and Walworth) to see where their real politics stand.

Janesville Tax Hike Referendum (faux street repair)
✦ I heard Forward Janesville supports the tax hike referendum on home owners in Janesville. Of course they do. But only after they've made sure to lock up tax cuts, tax credits and other free stuff from government for themselves. Who is speaking up for the little guy in our representative government? No one.

✦ I hope city government is going to get a resounding message on the upcoming "street repair" referendum. The subject doesn't really matter, it's the point it's a referendum the council wants to put forward, which we don't have the option to ignore. We do have the ability to send a loud and clear message, not that they will hear or care what it is.

On City Hall/Janesville City Manager:
✦ I thank Colonel Freitag for his service to our country, but hope he understands that in the civilian world, the taxpayers and residents of Janesville are the generals.

✦ Janesville's new city manager is starting to look and sound more like a Forward Janesville mouthpiece. Don't punish us, bro.'

✦ I'm surprised Janesville city manager Freitag seems to be taking the anger many people have toward city government and the council's disrespect for its citizens so personally. Maybe it is well deserved after all.

✦ After embarking on a so-called "tranparency in government" reform by releasing old closed-door city council meeting minutes, the city council seems to be drifting towards more secrecy than ever before by granting administration officials the power to work contract deals without council approval.

On Mary Burke:
✦ If you think for a minute that Mary Burke was "fired" by her brother at Trek - you don't know family, business or family businesses. Mary Burke has been working at Trek for years after the time frame stated in the smear story. Global businesses are in constant flux with their international operations. No company rehires people they fire. It's just more sour grapes from GOP partisan hacks with an axe to grind.

✦ Walker hacks dig up a Trek non-issue non-story from 21 yrs ago, "Crucify her!!" Walker's executive role in two office scandals resulting in six convictions and alleged criminal scheme, false report and conspiracy? meh ..."Old News."

✦ Mary Burke shares our values, but most of all, she'll bring WI together & carry WI forward w/ good jobs & a strong economy. Vote Mary Burke for Governor!

About Wisconsin Voters:
✦ So the national RNC co-chairwoman said some Wisconsin voters are stupid. The GOP has majorities in the Wisconsin assembly, senate, the state supreme court and holds the governor's office. Come to think of it, I totally agree.

On 15th Senate Candidate:
✦ OK. I heard it all now. Someone insisted that Brian Fitzgerald's house was a "victim" of his party's gerrymandering. Hilarious.

✦ Apparently, GOP candidate Brian Fitzgerald is far too wealthy to live in his brother's basement. He said if he defeats Ringhand, he promises to buy a house and eventually move into the senate district.

✦ So Brian "beholden to no one" Fitzgerald sends out a facebook invite to Walker, Ryan and the national RNC chairman Reince Priebus for a rally in Janesville and they come a'running. Just a regular guy, uh?

✦ As a Janesville city council member and now GOP candidate for state senate, Brian Fitzgerald ignored Janesville's 3,500+ petition signers asking to place a simple question on the ballot. Voters should likewise remember his "caring" and ignore his candidacy. Vote for Janis Ringhand, who values and listens to her constituents.

On Rock County Medical Examiner:
✦ So in the name of control, the Rock County board dismantles the coroner's office and turns control over to Dane County with a budget that will cost county taxpayers $140,000 more a year. We must be a self-hating bunch.

✦ Rock County taxpayers will shell out an additional $140K a year for coroner services without creating one or two new jobs. Way to go!

On Divide and Conquer Politics
✦ Funny how some people boldly lie about the massive protests that took place in Madison in 2011 and blame protestors for the state's divisive politics. Those protests were a result of Scott Walker's bomb-dropping "divide and conquer" attack on Wisconsin constituencies - NOT the cause of it.

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