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Friday, April 11, 2014

Master of Dependency And Deception Only a Matter of Degrees

This is pretty typical of Gov. Scott Walker.

There have been recent reports that Walker is considering the UW's new Flexible Option program for his own path to a college degree. As it goes, Walker himself was a supporter of the new government funded UW program. It received $2 million for start-up costs from the state government.

But, it does seem a little strange in this case that it happens to be Scott Walker, mister pull-yourself-up-by-your-own-bootstraps "we measure true compassion by helping people no longer require the assistance of the government," who is turning to a government program himself to access the system for acquiring a college degree.

For Walker, it appears there was no other way before and so it is 24 years after quitting college and the timely creation of a new government program that he is only now considering an advanced degree.

And why not? Because I think anyone, including Gov. Walker, getting government help to finish their college education 10, 20 or 30 years later great news. It reminds me of the fictional story, The life Of Julia." I say go for it.

But, it doesn't end there for Scott Walker. The Flex Option program it turns out, is geared to college degrees in fields for jobs available today and those expected in the years to come. That is a problem for the governor.

Chippewa.Com Excerpt:
Walker, who is widely considered to be a 2016 Republican presidential contender, didn’t give a timeline for working toward his degree or offer a specific major he hopes to pursue, saying it would likely be related to one of the areas he previously studied, such as political science.

“Right now, the flex option as we currently have it is really focused on the key industries: engineering, some related to health care, and others out there. As it expands, I’d certainly be interested in doing it,” Walker said. “Right now, it doesn’t have the areas I’ve specifically studied.”

Apparently, Walker hasn't been paying much attention to his own workforce development program. It's no longer about earning a degree in the pursuit of your own happiness. It's about getting training and earning degrees for a guaranteed placement into somebody else's idea of happiness - the state's workforce. Obviously, earning a degree for the purpose of entering the state's private sector workforce isn't one of Scott Walker's top priorities. And ...

Chippewa.Com Excerpt:
He said pursuing a degree wouldn’t be about meeting any requirements — such as being governor -

So, it's not about earning a degree to update his skill set for his current job either.

Obviously, there's a different reason for his "special" degree and get this ...he's going to wait out for the program to expand to cover his degree in a field that, according to the state's current workforce expectations, is not in demand and not part of the program.

Finally, Walker said pursuing a degree, "would be ultimately to send a message encouraging others. I think it’s a good thing to encourage others to do."

But which part? The one about pursuing a college degree to satisfy the state's happiness or encouraging others to wait out and depend on government expansions, policies and programs - to pursue your own?

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