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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Is Scott Walker Running Scared From The Party's Secession Position?

JS online Excerpt:
To secede or not to secede.

That will be the question for Wisconsin Republicans at next month's convention.

Earlier this month, the party's Resolutions Committee voted in favor of a proposal that says the state party "supports legislation that upholds Wisconsin's right, under extreme circumstances, to secede."

This is where extremist Governor Scott Walker proves his mettle with the Tea Party. But so far, it looks like he's running scared.

Gov. Scott Walker, the leader of the state party, distanced himself from the resolution last week.

"I don't think that one aligns with where most Republican officials are in the state of Wisconsin — certainly not with me," Walker said at a press event on Friday.

Less than four years ago, Scott Walker boasted that he was the original Tea Party in Wisconsin. He was swept into power on the shoulders of the radical tea party craze in 2010 and even wrote a farcical book titled "Unintimidated," about how he courageously stood up against "union bosses," a favorite tea party target. But now Walker is refusing to align himself with one of the Tea Party's top issues - state sovereignty and the right of secession? That's odd.

Yeah I know it's a big election year and Walker is also laying the groundwork for a possible presidential run in 2016, but Walker has built himself up a tea party facade of standing against D.C., Big Government and against some imaginary political machine. In the eyes of the confederate base of the Tea Party, seceding from the United States Of America is the last and final resolution to everything that defines them and their cause.

Also, if there's one issue that helps draw a clear contrast between Tea Party candidates and non-tea party candidates other than the TP's phony fiscal crisis of convenience - secession rights is it! Literally, they are indescribable and lost without it.

Despite that, my hunch ...and it's only a hunch, is the Wisconsin Republican Party will NOT add the revised secession resolution to their official platform during their state convention. Even if my hunch is correct, it still doesn't absolve anyone of their stated position on the issue.

So, why is Walker running away from it? Perhaps drawing that contrast is precisely what Walker doesn't want to do with a affable challenger like Mary Burke. That wouldn't be surprising. On top of backing away from the tea party on the secession issue, he won't commit to anything on fracking or the Kenosha casino either. Yet his party stooges demand that Burke holds full tilt press conferences on all her plans and positions.

So what's going on here? I mean, Walker is Mister Unintimidated and all that jazz. Right? Or he's just another indecisive political hack in a long line of indecisive political hacks. It's one or the other.


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Anonymous said...

Scott Walker is a poll watcher much like GWB. Always a follower, never a leader.

Richard Costerisan said...

Can he run for president if Wisconsin is no longer part of the union and he's still a resident of the state? He wouldn't be a US citizen.

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