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Monday, February 24, 2014

Questions Of Gov. Scott Walker Are Still Controlled By His Campaign

This interview about the Walker Doc dump with MSNBC host, Andrea Mitchell (w/Dan Bice), zeroes in on the mingling of political campaign activity with the staffs of taxpayer paid public office.

Interestingly enough, Mitchell says she (we) talked to Governor Walker's office for a statement that she proceeds to read on the air for viewers. The problem is, is the statement came from Walker's political campaign, Jonathan Wetzel - Friends of Scott Walker. None of the cast members flinched at the irony that questions about Walker's official capacity (as county exec) and taxpayer paid government cached emails are being answered by his political campaign.

It's still business as usual.

The other point is the people of Wisconsin and that includes the inquiring press, deserve answers from the governor directly from the governor and/or through his official government office - not from his political propaganda campaign machine.

Watch the video here.

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