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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Gov. Walker Boasts Expansion Of Publicly Funded Political Media Operation

The JS Online blog article titled, "Gov. Scott Walker: anonymous comments now in the past" reported that while serving as Milwaukee County executive, Walker would have his aides and associates post positive blurbs under adopted monikers in the comments sections below stories on the newspaper's site. The story continued ...

JS Online Excerpt:
"Those are things from the past," Walker said of the past commenting. "What we are trying to do even going forward right now is to comment in every different forum...We live in a world right now where there are hundreds of different media."

Newspaper columns, editorials and their comment sections are so 1980 that they are no longer enough public opinion for Walker's taxpayer funded staffs to anonymously engage with. Unless the JS Online writer made an error in transcription, Walker is clearly describing an expansion, not dismantlement, of a taxpayer funded media manipulating machine for his personal use into every form of social media, from Facebook, Twitter, Reddit to radio and more.

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