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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Walker's Tools Freak Over His Scrooge Email, Claim Obama Did The Same

On Facebook and Twitter, Walker's tools are in vandal-style damage control trying to deflect the criticism being leveled at Gov. Scott Walker for his atrociously tacky email asking supporters directly to deny gifts to their children and instead send the money to support his re-election campaign.

One resident troll hyper-ventilating over the subject on the #WIunion tag posted two Obama fund raising examples as proof that Obama in the recent past did the same as Walker. LOL.

Pretty simple stuff here ..."ASK for a donation in lieu of gift." It could be for a baby shower, birthday, wedding or Mitzvah. Obama is asking supporters to tell their gift giving friends about this option.

Example #2

Again, much like the first example, this letter suggests that those supporters reaching milestones in their lives consider forgoing gift cards from well-wishers and ask family and friends to instead donate to Obama for America. Nobody is denying somebody else for Obama. This is fifth grade reading comprehension.

No question that most fundraising requests come off a little clumsy, naive and often demanding, but in no way does Obama ask his supporters to deny their children or somebody else a gift in order to donate to his campaign.

Scott Walker on the other hand, asked his supporters (with children) to specifically NOT purchase gifts for their children this holiday season during Black Friday, and instead give that money to him to support his campaign efforts. Big difference.

Of note in these laughable comparisons, is Walker's foot soldiers never point to Obama's campaign deputy or director for being responsible for whatever they think is wrong with Obama's fund raising letters - it's always Obama did it.

On that note, I highly doubt Walker's email was composed by the 23-year-old campaign deputy Taylor Palmisano. Not to take anything away from her, but the email, despite its poor choreography and obvious meanness towards children, was a personalized yet carefully worded summary accurately depicting Scott Walker's economic and social attitude toward others. My guess is Politifact would rate it "True."

Lastly, considering that most of Walker supporters regularly call Obama a stupid and corrupt politician, to put it mildly, I always find added humor in their attempts justifying Walker's actions by elevating him to Obama's standards. Always a hoot.

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