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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Ohhh ...Yet Another Newspaper Article Misleading For Scott Walker

This article posted at the MKE Journal Sentinel claims that Gov. Scott Walker is gaining support for "his" plan to sidestep Obamacare. The writer claimed that Walker made two requests and that one of them might get traction.

You may recall that two weeks ago, Walker asked Sen. Tammy Baldwin to join him in a call to expand Obamacare subsidies to everyone for health care plans that aren't offered on the federal insurance exchange. That big government dependency idea does indeed belong to Walker and is expected to be too costly to be implemented. The writer then implies that another request made by Wisconsin's insurance commissioner is a Walker original.

JS Online Excerpt:
But Monday, Wisconsin's insurance commissioner, Ted Nickel, also asked the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to include Wisconsin in a pilot program to help consumers go directly to insurers to buy the health insurance plans that are available through the online exchange.

Except that provision, known as the direct enrollment option, is a feature already written into Obamacare and is available to Wisconsin residents. It just hasn't been able to get any traction because of the program's roll-out problems. So, it's a patented idea that obviously belongs to someone - but not Scott Walker.

So the question is: Knowing Walker's highly publicized opposition to Obamacare, why are Wisconsin's newspapers trying to give Walker false credit for the finer aspects of Obamacare?

Further down in the article, Walker loyalist Rep. Robin Vos continues to roll with the charade.

But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) said he liked both Walker administration proposals and especially favored the larger one giving consumers the greatest number of options.

"I like that even better. More choice is good," Vos said.


He likes Walker's proposals for Obamacare? Then why doesn't Walker offer proposals on programs he actually has jurisdiction over Wisconsin's popular BadgerCare program?

If these clowns really want to give Wisconsin consumers more choice, then it's time to accept expanded Medicaid subsidies and use them in a newly revamped Badgercare program made choicier by eliminating all income restrictions. Now THAT is the best option.

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