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Friday, December 20, 2013

Mediatrackers Mangles Their Hit Piece On Mary Burke

The hyper-ventilators at Mediatrackers posted an insulting little hit piece targeting Wisconsin democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke. Titled "FALSE: Wis. Gov. Candidate Says Taxes Go Down When Income Goes Up," the Tea Party media manglers, all twisted up in knots over individual progressive taxation rates, kneejerks its own answer to a question Burke was asked.

They write ...

Mediatrackers Excerpt:
When WQOW television in Eau Claire asked Burke to respond to Governor Walker’s openness to potentially eliminating the state income tax, Burke said:

“I think it is too extreme. You know I believe we have to hold the line on taxes. I would do that as governor but we also have to make sure we are making the investments that actually fuel our economy. That’s how you reduce tax rates, by growing it. If you have a bigger pie, taxes will take out a smaller piece of it.”

A very straight forward answer that is nearly impossible to misinterpret ...unless you're Mediatrackers and their bitters.

Burke said eliminating the state income tax is too extreme. Check. She could have ended right there, but she added that if the state makes the proper investments - the economy will grow. Check. When the economy grows, the tax base grows. Check. When the tax base grows, you have a bigger pie. Check. If you have a bigger pie to draw from, everyone's share of the tax burden will be smaller. Check. How do you mathematically make individuals share smaller? By reducing tax rates. Check.

The directional signs are posted everywhere. It's nearly impossible to take that any other way. Mediatrackers knew that Burke was dead on, but they couldn't let it go, well, because their blind obedience to defend Scott Walker and their allied regressive policies wouldn't let it. They continued ...

MT excerpt:
[...] as they noted, the real confusion in Burke’s statement is this line comparing the economy and income to a pie: “If you have a bigger pie, taxes will take out a smaller piece of it.”

"Real confusion." LOL. Burke is clearly talking about the state economy as the pie and the expanding base that tags along as it grows. No confusion.

Not to be redundant, but a growing economy creates a larger tax base to draw from - the smaller the individual contributions should be. It is precisely what real economic growth plans are built to produce - lower tax rates. If you don't have a viable growth plan to expand the economy, much like Gov. Scott Walker - you may as well bring the expanding tax base plan to an end and go with a more static demand-killing income blind sales tax plan. That's what happens when there is zero leadership and no tangible pathways to prosperity.

Desperately looking for something that doesn't exist, the folks at Mediatrackers proceed to make up their own stuff and go off on a tangent about Wisconsin income tax rates to imply Burke doesn't know what she's talking about.

Thing is, Burke doesn't mention individual income tax rates nor does her answer suggest that or attempt to define the state income tax system. She simply says that eliminating the state income tax is too extreme, and that the best way to lower the tax burden is by growing the economy so the tax base pie is larger.

Instead of addressing the content of her answer, they overreact to the context of the question in what amounts to an extremely lame attempt to diminish her proposals. That these rubes insulted her intelligence by claiming she has "learning to do" is simply adorbs.

NOTE: This posting is not an endorsement or approved by any political candidate or party. It is solely the independent perspective of its author.

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