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Saturday, December 28, 2013

From Deal Maker To Unmentionable, Paul Ryan Flops Hard

Rep. Paul Ryan's hometown newspaper and major local enabler, the Janesville Gazette, must have searched high and low to find a national article about President Obama signing the two-year budget bill without making mention of the Janesville congressman.

Earlier, the Gazette ran with the national GOP buzz touting Ryan as the great deal maker and even posted their own puff piece on how Ryan will likely be the architect of the framework for future bipartisan deals. But alot has happened since then including a highly critical Facebook post by a USAF veteran to Paul Ryan that had gone viral.

With that, the Gazette posted the politically generic Associated Press article titled, "Budget, Defense Bills Signed By Obama" as their front-page headlines on Friday. In what appears to be a deliberate attempt to separate the pretend "bipartisan" Ryan from Obama and Democrats, the article made no mention of Paul Ryan by name and instead painted the budget as a hard-fought congressional effort with Obama taking full ownership of the deal with his signature.

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