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Saturday, December 28, 2013

According To Paul Ryan's Religion, The Catholic Church Can't Get Anything Right

From subsidiarity to solidarity to capitalism, the tenets of the Catholic Church's including the global views of the Pope always seem to clash with the personal belief system of one Rep. Paul Ryan. Oy vey.

Last year, Ryan had a war of words with the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops after he publicly insisted that the draconian cuts presented in his obviously Rand-based dystopian budget were a product of this Catholic faith.

The Bishops strongly disagreed.

Ryan then questioned their authority claiming that they are not all catholic bishops. The bishops fired back stating they are acting in an official capacity and that their views are rooted in Catholic social teaching and do represent the official position of the Church.

Now, after praising Pope Francis for opening a dialogue on Church principles to combat poverty, the congressman condescendingly questioned the Pope's highly critical perspective of capitalism and trickle-down economics.

Salon Excerpt:
But he couldn’t suppress either his right-wing politics or his supreme capacity for condescension for very long. “The guy is from Argentina, they haven’t had real capitalism in Argentina,” Ryan said (referring to the pope as “the guy” is a nice folksy touch.) “They have crony capitalism in Argentina. They don’t have a true free enterprise system.”

Not to drift too far here, but Paul Ryan has supposedly lived in Janesville, Wisconsin his entire life and apparently doesn't know that government at all levels plays the leading role in our local economy. Few major businesses in around Rock County make a move without picking up some form of crony collectivist hand-out. That's a fact. But how would Ryan know? That's free market capitalism to him.

So yeah, those "guys" running the Catholic Church ...can't seem to get anything right.

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