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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Wisconsin School Choice Program All About The Money

This is without question a double-edged sword that cuts through the public school system any way you slice it. The Wisconsin school choice voucher program creates either a new plantation entitlement to grow a new generation of red state dependents OR it destroys the public school system. In the end it will wind up doing both.

JS Online Excerpt: (Feb. 18, 2013)
"Our focus overwhelmingly is on improving public schools in the state of Wisconsin because that's where the majority of our students are. Beyond that, though, if we have schools that are failing to meet those expectations . . . we think it's realistic for parents in those districts . . . to be given a viable alternative for their kids," Walker told reporters Monday at an event in Madison.

Rrrrright. It’s all about failing public schools and the kids. But now the truth comes out …it’s only about the money.

Lacrosse Tribune Excerpt: (Aug. 14, 2013)
The law passed in June by the Legislature only gives preference to public school students if fewer than 500 students apply. If more than 500 apply as expected, a random drawing will be done with the only preference given to siblings of students already in the private school.

The Department of Public Instruction will follow the law as written and perform a random lottery with no preference for public school children if there are more than 500 applicants, spokesman John Johnson said Wednesday. The number of applicants is expected to be released Thursday or Friday.

That law doesn’t even make sense. It’s like a company saying they have 500 hams to give away to the poor. But if more than 500 people apply for the give-away as they expect to happen, they’ll give the hams to their own company employees.

Even if we were suicidal enough to go along with the school choice charade, students who have no intention of changing school systems should not be eligible for the vouchers. That was the whole point right? Big Government collectivism offering an alternative for the kids.

Republican legislators who rammed the bill through knew exactly what they were doing. They knew private schools would be eligible for the money without taking economically disadvantaged children from those "failing public schools," and now have the balls to say that's not how the law was intended?

Private schools are saying, "you can keep your public school students, just give us the money!"

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