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Friday, August 16, 2013

Video: Solidarity Sing-Along Explained

One of the Solidarity Singers participants at the State Capitol, Janesville's own Judith Detert Moriarty, delivered a presentation of little known facts about Wisconsin's Solidarity Singers at the Rock County Progressives picnic held Wednesday evening.

Did you know they may qualify for the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest running musical protest in history? Moriarty also offered details on the arrests of participants, observers and tourists, and reasons why this is still going on. Keep in mind that the Solidarity Singers have no "leaders" or hierarchy. They are not an organization.

Also, the flag-bearing Marine Vet arrested several weeks ago during a sing-along tells how his Veterans for Peace vest was confiscated by Capitol Police and not returned after he was released. The vet said it took almost three weeks with the help of Sen. Tim Cullen (and other legislators) to get it back.

There's more. Watch it:

H/T to VSM for the video.


The Progressive - Proof that Solidarity Singers Are Not an Organized Group

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