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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Video: Wisconsin GOP Legislators Continue Assault On Everyone

This story moved so fast that after one day, it's already old.

Just when we thought little more can be added to the way power mad republicans have been driving the state's once proudly progressive and transparent government into a single branch plutocracy comes this outrageous display of arrogance during the ramming passage of a bill designed to remove a woman's right of choice and force pregnant women to have state-mandated ultrasounds. There's really no point in rehashing words to describe the comical yet disturbing interaction that took place in the senate chamber. The following raw video is the best source for context.

Watch it:

Giles Goat Boy at the Kos was among the first of many to post yesterday on this and collected a few post-hysteric comments from democratic senator's Miller, Risser and Assembly Rep. Gordon Hintz. Read it here.

The Democurmudgeon picks up a trailing story to the rollcall vote about State Sen. Mary Lazich's threats to shut down more clinics. A woman's individual and personal right of free choice about receiving an ultrasound or any medical procedure for that matter is completely lost to these self-righteous loons.

One of the bright spots from this episode was Sen. Kathleen Vinehout who began reading letters of opposition from her constituents ...remember constituents? .... and that she had been touched by the letters because she had also been a victim of sexual assault at the age of 15. Unbelievably, Lazich responded by encouraging her fellow lawmakers to ignore “the theatrics surrounding” Vinehout’s presentation before becoming completely unhinged into a high-pitched whining diatribe. If you thought no one could be more batshit than Bachmann, you haven't seen Mary Lazich.

The image of the flaming Sen. Mike Ellis pointing the gavel and bellowing at duly elected public officials also has made the rounds quickly around the Web. Cog Dis asks readers to suggest captions for the image of the raging lunatic.


Monologues of Dissent - Protest planned against WisGOP's pre-abortion ultrasound bill

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