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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Area Legislators Describe Same Budget Committee Nightmare

Rep. Kolste critical of JFC budget process and result

I got my first close, personal look last week at how the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) produces a budget from the governor’s original proposal. The process was not a model of healthy democracy. The committee, with a 12-4 Republican majority, careened off the rails in the dark. The crash dented my remaining illusions about transparent state government.
-- Rep. Debra Kolste, Janesville (44th) Assembly

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Rep. Jorgensen: Devastating Budget Changes, Made While You Were Sleeping

They say nothing good ever happens after midnight.

I think that’s probably true, at least in our State Capitol.

In the dead of night – or rather, in the wee small hours of the morning – this past week, members of the budget-writing Joint Finance Committee approved terrible new policies on taxes, health care, and education.

I have no doubt the timing of the votes was calculated. I can’t imagine the Republicans wanted anyone to be paying attention.

They hoped you’d be sleeping when they rejected federal money – our tax dollars – to strengthen BadgerCare, and instead approved a plan that will cost us $119 million more to insure fewer people. In fact, the Republican plan stands to jeopardize health care for 29,000 Wisconsin children.
-- Rep. Andy Jorgensen, Fort Atkinson (43rd) Assembly

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Then there's the ever comical and out-of-touch Janesville Gazette editorial justifying the budget changes. For instance, on school vouchers they said, "No kid should be trapped in an underperforming school."

No. It should be, "No school should be trapped economically by a legislature into underperforming."

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