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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Video: Brother Ali - Work Everyday

Work Everyday (Lyrics Excerpt)


People stressing here’s the question
How they get people drinking tea in a recession
It’s deception how absurd is this
How are so many poor people conservative?

A pro artist I put it in the good music
A con artist job’s to make you look stupid
Lookie here I’ll teach you how to look through it
First thing you need to know every con got a hook to it

They seduce you with a little wealth
Say you could have some of these crumbs for yourself
If the government doesn’t make us help anyone else
You stuck a red sign on your foreclosed house

Make you think you’re taking back your nation
Then they turn it over to a major corporation
Those companies took the jobs overseas
And you handed them the wallet out your pocket for free

More lyrics here.

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