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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Video: Jon Stewart Does The Mambo on Ryan's "Takers and Makers"

Yeah, I know this video is already a week old, but it's that damn good!

Jon Stewart strings together in a matter of six minutes what many Wisconsin political bloggers including myself have known and wrote of for years about Rep. Paul Ryan. So for me, watching this video came with a sense of satisfaction.

Stewart saved the best for last when he replayed video showing Paul Ryan recalling how he did not see himself stuck in a "victim" condition after a family tragedy and was able to use his father's SS benefits to help pay his way through college and beyond. Yet when President Obama described Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid as commitments that "don't sap our initiative, they strengthen us," Ryan then claimed the president was using the "straw man" rhetorical device to win the arguments. Even today, Paul Ryan continues to frame the safety nets as nothing more than cushy hammocks lulling, "able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency."

It's also worth noting that Ryan's democratic challenger for the 1st CD, Rob Zerban, would often and accurately describe how Ryan was able to climb the ladder of success through prudent use of those safety net benefits. Yet while in Congress, Ryan continues to author and sponsor legislation that would pull the ladder up and away from everyone else.

Watch it:

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