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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Capitol Police Intimidate, Harass CEOs and Bankers At Public Hearing

Okay, first I apologize to all my friendly readers about the partial dishonesty in the title. It's not completely true. But in all actuality ...what difference does it make who Capitol Police are harassing?

My jaw dropped open when I saw this photo showing the heavy police presence at last week's public hearing of the Mining Committee. There obviously is no good reason to have more than one officer in the room to help ensure the safety of participants.

So from now on, when I pick up stories about everyday law-abiding citizens being intimidated or arrested by the Capitol Police for doing nothing more than the civic duty of participating in our democracy, my blog titles will identify those citizens as bankers, CEOs, business managers, venture capitalists or any other profession because ...what difference does it make!

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Judith said...

Tip of the iceberg! Check out this arrest of a brave, Rock Co. veteran LITERALLY doing nothing ... There's far more going on in the Capitol with false and illegal arrests than the average person, watching the media and not witnessing personally, could ever dream.

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