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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Paul Ryan Settles Back In His Hammock - Our House Seat

“But we don’t want to turn the safety net into a hammock that lulls able-bodied people to lives of dependency and complacency, that drains them of their will and their incentive to make the most of their lives.” -- Paul Ryan

According to a Janesville Gazette article, Rep. Paul Ryan claims it was the national campaign that changed his image. It's not like he tried to do a complete remake of his own by denying his affinity for Ayn Rand, requested stimulus money and then denying that too, or coming across like a desperate opportunist. The campaign made him do it. He then explains, in ways only a shady used car salesman can, why his hometown supported the other guys. He implies the loss had little to do with him personally, including the hometown rejection in the separate race for congress.

JG Excerpt:
"Rock County and Janesville are Democratic, yet I was successful in past campaigns because I was viewed less as a Republican and more as a Janesville guy," Ryan said. "Being on the Republican ticket, my image was more tied to the Republican Party, and people viewed me more as a Republican than as from Janesville."

So according to Paul Ryan, it doesn’t matter who Paul Ryan is in relation to Janesville, Rock County or the State of Wisconsin. He’s saying then that it’s the people who are the partisans since Janesville, Rock County and Wisconsin voted Democratic for the top ticket in the past and only now after 14 years, suddenly noticed he's a republican. So it doesn't matter who's on the ticket because only partisans vote the party mandate. Got that? Again, never mind that while in Congress he votes with the Republican party more than 90% of the time or that he is the author of the GOP house budget or one of the authors of the GOP hyper-partisan recruitment book “Young Guns.” It's the voters who are the partisans. Paul Ryan is simply a person.

The busted rhetoric from the congressman never ends. In an ABC News interview, Ryan also said Obama has no mandate because voters left republicans as the majority in the House. However, Obama/Biden did carry a mandate during their campaign and so did Romney/Ryan. Their campaigns ran on two different, even opposing directions. The people chose the direction mandated by Obama. Yet if we tie in Ryan's party explanation for his hometown losses, the people voted against whatever the House republicans have been offering. Whether they as individuals won or lost.

But exactly what is the House majority mandate? Ryan should explain what it is. Divided government? Obstruction? Economic chaos? Ryan's budget plan? Tax cuts for the rich? Oh, you mean everything Obama ran against and voters rejected? What about making Obama a one term president? Again, Ryan is saying that the American people calculated their vote for the sum of all of that when they voted for their district house representative. I certainly don't believe it and anybody in their right mind shouldn't either.


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