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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Janesville Is On The Edge With Low Wages

If you consider yourself a middle-class wage worker in America and haven't seen the documentary "As Goes Janesville" yet, I recommend you see it. You don't have to live in Janesville or Rock County Wisconsin to get a feel for the workers who were effected by the closing of the giant GM factory or to get a better picture of the mentality at play plotting to create jobs in its aftermath. Regardless of the size of your town or city, chances are great this is all coming your way.

In a short segment from the documentary, you'll hear the president of our local economic development group, Forward Janesville, nearly cackle over the thought that the loss of middle-class paying unionized factory jobs will compel the remaining local workforce to accept lower pay. He suggests this new norm will work in the "plus column" for their purposes. Leaders of the notorious "Divide and Conquer" Rock County 5.0 group nod in agreement.

Janesville is right on the edge with lower wages. But on the edge of what? Watch it:

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