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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Manhunt! Walker's Palace Guard Track Down Evil-Doers

Walker's Chalker Stalkers?

God forbid! Someone could trip over the writings left by these dangerous criminals, bang their head on a parking meter and then what?!

WCM COOP Capitol Police Hunt Down Sidewalk Chalkers
EXCERPT: Tuesday November 27 was a busy day for Capitol Police under the direction of Chief David Erwin. Officer Andrew Hyatt spent the afternoon tracking down recipients of citations for administrative code violations for chalking on the sidewalk outside the Wisconsin State Capitol eleven days earlier on Friday, November 16.

Occupy WI Citations Issued At Homes
EXCERPT: At 6:27pm I received the first phone call, from an unrecognized number. I immediately received a second call from a “blocked” number. Assuming that the Capitol Police were attempting to track me using my phone, and possibly the GPS located within it, [...] Around 8pm, I turned on my phone to check for messages. These included a phone call from a Capitol Police officer, to my personal cell phone, stating that he had gone to my partner’s home to look for me, and could I please call him to arrange a meet-up so that he could serve me a citation.

Yes. A Capitol Police officer left me a voicemail asking where I would like to meet him to receive my citation.

This Is What Democracy Sounds Like

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Democurmudgeon said...

Great surreal moment in Walker Authority history.

I wish someone would challenge this unconstitutional intimidation.

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