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Friday, November 30, 2012

GOP House Committee Appointments Help Identify Party

This is what Americans voted for in November 2012.

This is who republicans think America voted for.

That's it fellas, double-down on your policies and power. Keep working to eliminate same-day voter registration. Make it as hard as possible for seniors and the disabled to vote, keep cutting into early voting, shut down free speech at every turn. Keep calling pro-choicers "baby killers" and referring to gay people as queers and deviates. Keep calling half of America "moochers," brown people illegals, black people freeloaders and women sluts while soaking the poor and giving tax breaks to the wealthy. Keep believing that 2012 was winnable for your party and that you simply fielded a few weak candidates.

Just consider the loss in 2012 as a necessary caveat for the courage of standing with those core principles. We understand.

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Alois said...

Brilliant and well-said. Kudos.

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