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Friday, September 07, 2012

Video: Legislator Addresses The Solidarity Sing-Along

Representative Chris Taylor speaks to the Solidarity Sing Along (Sept. 7, 2012) gathered in the rotunda of the State Capitol. Watch it:

...and this is what the Madison Lawyers Guild had to say:

Lawyers Guild (Madison Chapter) Excerpt:
MADISON, WI – Madison-area members of the National Lawyers Guild call on Governor Scott Walker and the Capitol Police to end their crackdown on peaceful protest in the State Capitol. Such overzealous enforcement of Capitol access policies will have a chilling effect on constitutionally-protected speech.

“The Capitol Police crackdown on peaceful protest is inhibiting free speech in the State Capitol rotunda,” said Attorney and National Lawyers Guild member Patricia Hammel. “Arresting citizens for holding signs in the Capitol Rotunda without getting permission from police, which is not illegal, is just meant to discourage citizens from expressing their opposition to state policies. When someone gets a $200 ticket and is handcuffed by seven or ten Capitol police and taken away, it sends a message to people around the state that they'd better shut up and stay home; that seems to be the point. More here>>>.

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