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Friday, September 07, 2012

A New Alarm Is Beginning To Sound In Wisconsin

The following Notice is from Facebook page:

******** ATTENTION WISCONSIN PEOPLE********** The following post needs to be posted and shared. They are asking for a massive protest tomorrow at noon at the capital. This is serious! Please copy and help them out! Use Twitter! Ryan Wherley posted: ...After 8 arrests yesterday and 4 arrests today inside of the Capitol, we need to get a massive turnout to show up INSIDE of the Rotunda tomorrow, Friday 7th, at noon for the Solidarity Sing Along. Every time the Fitzwalkerstanis overstep their boundaries, we respond immediately and we need to show them that when the DOA, Chief Erwin and the Capitol Police engage in these types of unconstitutional activities, we will show up in even larger numbers and will not allow our voices to be silenced. Last December 19th, after these new draconian rules were put into place at the Capitol, over 1,000 people showed up for the next Solidarity Sing Along. So bring your signs, and let's replicate that by showing them we'll stand up with our friends who have been arrested for nothing more than their expression of 1st Amendment Rights. Solidarity and I hope to see you all there!!

I've been watching with much concern for our rights and the people getting arrested for merely holding a sign or a tee-shirt in the rotunda of the Capitol building in Madison.

According to this update posted by Giles Goat Boy at the DailyKos, Walker's latest assault against free speech may have come to a halt after a judge's ruling defined the signs under the enforced ordinance must be 'erected, attached, [or] mounted, which therefore means that their actions could only fall within the text of § Adm. 2.07(2) if their signs were 'displayed.'

DailyKos Excerpt:
However, the word 'displayed' implies something more than an individual holding a handmade sign over their head. Instead, as is generally known, the Capitol rotunda is frequently a place where freestanding artwork and such things are showcased, especially around the holiday season.

"The term 'displayed' implies something like a freestanding exhibit showcased in the Capitol, not an individual holding a handmade sign over their head comparing the governor to a character in a comic book. Thus, the terms of § Adm. 2.07(2) does not prohibit the Plaintiffs' conduct.

However, I think this is only a temporary "injunction" so to speak, and believe the new Capitol Police Chief will continue to look for and find a work-around to uphold Gov. Scott Walker's orders. For someone who just last week at the RNC wishfully implied that no one will remember the protesters, Walker and his new police chief seem to be bent on bringing back all the right reasons why he should have been kicked out of office.

Video: Capitol Police Using Intimidation To Suppress Free Speech and Dissent, Watch It:


Blue Cheddar - Free Speech Arrested in Wisconsin: now 12 arrests for holding signs in rotunda.

DailyKos - Judge's Ruling Stops Wisconsin Capitol Police From Arresting Sign Holders.

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