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Saturday, June 02, 2012

PolitiFact: Walker Most Dishonest Governor In United States

I was never a fan of Politifact before and likely won't change my position on them any time soon, but I understand what their appeal is to those seeking extra support and statements to fit whatever their argument is of the moment. That view of Politifact however makes this recent discovery by Uppity Wisconsin even more credible and outstanding.

According to their research from combing Politifact's total case files (I love this kind of stuff, this is what citizen journalism is all about in my view) on their ratings of governors in America, they discovered that Scott Walker is the most dishonest governor in America. That is an incredible finding!

Uppity Wisconsin Excerpt:
While Oregon governor John Kitzhaber led the nation in honesty with 100% of his statements being ranked true or mostly true, Walker edged-out Texas Governor Rick Perry and Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chaffee with only 22% of 51 statements rated true or mostly true.

Congratulations Uppity Wisconsin. Well done!

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