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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Janesville Gazette Endorses Most Dishonest Governor

Titled, "Walker Deserves Your Vote," the "liberals" at the Janesville ragbloid endorsed the most dishonest and divisive governor in America on Sunday. Filled with complete distortions, omissions and rewrites, the Gazette attacked critics, foes and Democrats for the polarization and shifted blame away from Walker in every instance.
Editorial Excerpt:
Critics claim Walker's budget swiped $800 million from K-12 education and gave it to corporate interests. That's simply not true.
They offered one simple apology for Walker - that he only needs to communicate better. This editorial endorsing Scott Walker was as if coming from Scott Walker himself.

We’ve gone full circle with Walker’s nearly endless list of unforgivable transgressions against the people of Wisconsin only for it to culminate into a viral disease of ultimate personal destruction from those who continue to support him.

The Gazette, Milwaukee Sentinel and other Wisconsin newspapers will never again be able to editorialize with any credibility about a political candidate's record of dishonesty, combativeness or other anti-social behavior simply because they endorsed Scott Walker. This will be the new benchmark for all other editorials and it will be nearly impossible to reconcile with. They sold themselves out - all the way out.

Can you trust anyone who trusts Scott Walker? Can you trust the Janesville Gazette?

Note: The Gazette editorial is not available on the Web as of posting time.

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Anonymous said...

Cry much? Stand With Walker!

Lou Kaye said...

So sad for your depression. Check out the gallery tab just below the header. It'll cheer you up!

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