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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

With Governorship On The Line, Walker Maxed Out At 626,000 Votes

Thanks to Arthur Kohl-Riggs, the Republican party faithful were forced to maintain whatever honesty and integrity they have left, which by the way isn't much. Once again, thank you Art!

On the other side during this recall primary election, Democratic voters had nothing to lose and no office to gain in this primary. The recall election is all about getting rid of the liar and cheat occupying our state governor's mansion. That's happens in June. One way or another, the people would rightfully choose the best person among the Democratic field we want to lead the state of Wisconsin for the next two years. That now leaves me with Scott Walker and his base who had everything to lose and nothing to gain on Tuesday and could only muster 626,000 votes.

Despite Democrats winning more voters in this primary, the JS Online describes Walker's vote count as massive. I agree, but with Walker outspending his opponents 20 to 1 and everything on the line, "maxed out" would have been a better description.

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