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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walker Supporters Owe State $917 million in Delinquent Taxes

According to this website, the total in back taxes owed by 571 Walker Recall petitioners is more than $17 million. However, as of 2011, individuals owed the state of Wisconsin $934 million. That means the vast majority of money ($917M) owed to the state of Wisconsin, almost 98 percent - refused to support the Scott Walker recall.

Just more of that "taxed enough already" crowd who believe they paid enough of their fair share.

View the full list of delinquent tax payers here.


Tamre said...

Please post your data. It doesn't sound quite right.

Lou Kaye said...

If you have a problem with the numbers, please go to ACA International and the Verify Recall People. I'm using their numbers and my old but trusty Dual-Power Texas Instruments calculator for the math.

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