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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Will Shadowy Doctors Group Have Hissy Fit Over Ryan's Devastating Cuts to Health care?

In a defensive response to a political video ad last year showing a Paul Ryan-like figure throwing grandma off a cliff, a group calling themselves "AmericanDoctors4Truth," created a new video ad with a direct reference to Obama (and using his voice) throwing a senior off the cliff. The doctor's ad, (these guys are strictly non-partisan humanitarians) then takes issue with the $575 billion in savings to Medicare over the next ten years that would be used as a down payment expanding coverage to an additional 30 million Americans. The "doctors" note that, “President Obama and those Democrats who supported ObamaCare began throwing seniors off the cliff on March 30th, 2010, when they voted to cut Medicare’s budget by $575 billion.”

The problem for the doctor's group now is, Paul Ryan just offered the GOP's annual Medicare-killing budget again that not only aims to repeal Obama's signature health care reform, BUT intends on removing another estimated $205 billion in Medicare savings in addition to Obama's Medicare budget - THEN - quadruples that figure to $2.5 trillion in cuts to federal health care programs - over the coming decade, thus dwarfing the original $575 billion in federal health care cuts. Health care cuts are health care cuts and patients are patients, right?

Oh, doctors4truth, where art thou?

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but there's nothing like getting egg on your face before you throw an omelet.

A member of the doctor's group explains, “Patient-centered health care reform is the only ethical reform any health care provider should support. We are not politicians – we are doctors. We don’t treat Republicans or Democrats – we treat patients.”

Sure, they're not partisans. Oh, yeah.

Below is a nice video mash-up by the Democurmudgeon that includes the original "cliff" video and the new doctors video along with some Ed Show discussion.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you can't handle the truth. Repubicans have an answer that doesn't ration care but you refuse to listen. Your recall last year failed, your recall effort on Walker will fail and your beloved Russ Feingold failed. Even moneybags Herb Kohl knew your side can't pull it out for him. Mitt Romney has been getting beat up from all sides and still is neck and neck w/ Obama in the polls. So please keep doing what you're doing because it is helping the GOP and therefore helping the nation.

Lou Kaye said...

anonymous, because I'm always game for a good clean discussion, I wish there was something of value in your empty rhetoric, meaningless polls and wishful thinking. But unfortunately ...

Anonymous said...

to you lefty nuts, polls are only "meaningless" when they don't support your far left agenda and candidates. Good luck with that argument. thank goodness the American people are smart enough to see through you!

Anonymous said...

What would you know about what the American people see?

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