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Monday, March 26, 2012

Joan Jett Rocks! Contributes To Rob Zerban's Campaign

Paul Ryan is pushing his budget through Congress at an alarming rate. He isn’t getting the message that his ideas and budget are wrong for his constituents and the country.

It is time to Make Noise for Change!

Yesterday, I opened the mail and got a signed guitar from Joan Jett! Joan wrote on the guitar: “Thank you for supporting Rob Zerban and the U.S.A. Rock this sucker!” She knows what we all know - we need to defeat Paul Ryan!

I am asking all supporters to contribute again before our deadline on March 31. Five supporters will receive one-of-a-kind Rock-n-Roll items .... -- Rob Zerban

For more details, go to this page and make a contribution before March 31 to help Rob Zerban defeat Paul Ryan.

Jett: I Love Rock N Roll

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