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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What Happens If You Can't Find Your Name On The Petition?

Now that the recall signatures are posted online, there is much ado about anti-recall folks who claim they are scouring the documents just to make sure no one wrongly signed their name.

MacIver Excerpt:
In addition to the recruiting volunteers to data enter signatures, Brown’s group created a ‘no sign’ list, for which individuals could sign up to be notified if their names fraudulently appeared on the Walker recall petitions.

“Over 50,000 Wisconsinites have protected their name and address against fraudulent petition use by signing up for our “No Sign Registration List,” Brown told MacIver News Service.

But with earlier claims from Walker's recall saboteurs that they will gather signatures under false pretense and destroy them, what recourse do we have to re-affirm our patriotic duty if our signature is not found on the petition?

We don't know how many have been destroyed - we could gather another 100,000. Has anyone started a re-affirmation recall petition drive?

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