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Thursday, February 02, 2012

Recall Candidates Better Understand This Is a War

I was miffed when I first heard Tim Cullen was throwing his hat in the ring to run as a recall candidate against Scott Walker. I immediately thought it was a little premature and seemed to lack the structural groundwork necessary to create the stage and social network that will be absolutely crucial to win this enormous battle.

On the other hand, I also felt this is precisely the kind of person we need to run against Walker. No outside moneyed interests, a moderate and an acclaimed pragmatist. Those are three huge pluses.

And now, I'm equally perplexed that he would prematurely bow out. But this tells me I was right the first time.

Cap Times Excerpt:
Democratic state Sen. Tim Cullen bowed out of the governor's race Wednesday, saying he can't raise the money to compete with better-known opponents and he has no desire to participate in what he said was going to be a "political war."

I don't know if not raising the money is the big issue at this time. Make no mistake, our governor has been bought by outside moneyed interests, so how are we supposed to be any different if we are the same? I do respect that Cullen said he has no desire to participate in a "political war," but that should not be a recent discovery for any recall candidate, particularly for Cullen who served on the frontlines.

Cap Times Excerpt:
"The person who comes out of that race is going to be in a terrible position to bring this state together," the 67-year-old Cullen said. "I came to Madison as a centrist and I discovered there was no center."

We need a leader and I'm really sorry to see Cullen use that sort of "personal surrender" language, even on exit. No man is an island and no one is bigger than the problem or the process. Anyone expecting that money and support will naturally gravitate to them without reaching out is in for a rude awakening.

If anything, this shows me that Cullen lacked even a minimal strategist and advisor at the beginning and at the end. That's a shame because I know with a little extra effort, Tim Cullen had the potential to win hearts and minds and contend for this job.

Maybe there's more to this story than the Senator has led on. But for some reason this entire episode doesn't add up. Not for me.


Caffeinated Politics - Problem With Sen. Tim Cullen's Withdrawal Announcement


xoff said...

It's not the first time Cullen has considered a statewide run and opted out. He also cited the inability to raise money as a reason this time.

The fact is, he isn't what Dems are looking for; they want a red meat candidate who will do battle with Walker. His lack of success at raising money is evidence. A candidate who excites the base will be able to raise enough to get a message out; not enough to match Walker, but enough to be competitive. People vote with their checkbooks, to, and they didn't open them up for Cullen. (Assuming he even tried very hard to raise money, which isn't clear.)

Anonymous said...

What ya mean this is war, I though you aholes were against this kind of language??

You want war, make sure you can finish what you start.... alot of us can give you war in the true meaning of such.

you are nothing but a bunch of cowards with no backbone of any sorts

you don't know war, you won't want war!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy. There is a war declared on the working poor and middle-class of America. Saying so is to recognize it. Take off your blinders and stop being such a tool.

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