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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Shameless Scott Walker Robs Victims In Crisis

Just when you thought Scott Walker could not sink any lower, he drops to Paul Ryan-like levels and then some when he announced his strongarm stickup of the settlement fund for foreclosure crisis victims. Walker, armed with his enforcer J.B. Van Hollen riding shot-gun, plans to confiscate about $26 million of the state's $140 million share of a national mortgage settlement to help plug the state's (balanced) budget hole.

This decision was possibly prompted after hearing odious tea party ghouls and right-wing radio buffoons crackback the settlement as a bail-out for irresponsible people who overspent and failed to manage their budgets. Walker's shameful action projects his inner failure, "hey, that's me!"

If you've been following our governor's exploits and assaults against the people of Wisconsin to these depths, there comes a time when even the thickest skin among us need to back up for a breather and recognize the possibility that there is no bottom in Scott Walker's hell.

Ed Shultz On Foreclosure Heist

Think Progress Excerpt:
The settlement money already doesn’t come close to addressing the depths of the nation’s housing problem, though it will provide real relief to the people whom it does reach. But the money was certainly not intended to paper over state budget problems, particularly in a state whose governor assured everybody up and down that busting his state’s public unions was the key to fiscal solvency.

Democurmudgeon - Walker's Plan to take Mortgage Money Enrages Public

Star Tribune - Walker to use part of national mortgage settlement for budget hole

Wisconsin State Journal - Homeowner advocates blast Walker's plan to use $26 million from mortgage settlement for state deficit repair.

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