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Monday, February 13, 2012

Scott Walker Asks Political Mercenaries To Invade Wisconsin

At a Washington DC banquet, Gov. Scott Walker asked a large group of conservative activists from around the country for help in his quest to smash the state's grassroots recall effort to remove him from office.

JS Online Excerpt:
Asked why he came here, Walker said in an interview before his speech, "Oh I think we're going to need the help . . . not just financially but in terms of bodies and people helping us to spread the message."

Walker knows if he has to solely depend on the people of Wisconsin, he will be rejected. He knows the traditional values of progress and unity and the inherent compassionate spirit of the state can only be crushed and defeated from the outside. Walker's big money bosses are angry and refuse to go down without a fight.

During CPAC, Walker delivers his request, "I need your help ... I need people to help us spread that message in Wisconsin ... I need your help with the ground game ... we need bodies ...and need your help financially.

Watch it:
(Warning! - Video contains potential for throwing-up-in-mouth hazard)

Empowered by unlimited financing from billionaires, Walker and his interloping allies are working to roll back 100 years of economic and social progress not only in Wisconsin, but in the entire country!

We've been forewarned!


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