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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Video: The Truth About Paul Ryan

I consider this short video about Paul Ryan near the top for explaining how he wants the potential and future of the wage earning class to pay for all the spending and debt he borrowed for during his time in Congress. Simpy put, Ryan wants to punish the poor in the name of “upward mobility” for not being rich. Dick Cheney, who worships the ground Ryan walks on, once said, "deficits don't matter." The best part of course is there is a clear and solid alternative to this scourge. His name is Rob Zerban.

Watch it:

Please go to Rob Zerban for Congress to contribute and volunteer.


Democurmudgeon said...

Finally, a nicely produced hard hitting ad by a Democrat.

If Zerban repeats every comment, every issue in that ad, he has a good chance of actually beating Ryan.

This is the fire I've been waiting to see from Rob, and I hope he hits just as hard verbally in media interviews, which isn't quite there yet.

Lou Kaye said...

I completely agree. This spikes the interest and people will want to hear more so he needs to get into the "zone."

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